WordPress 102: What is Guest Blogging? And Why it Benefits Both Parties

Welcome to “WordPress 102.” This is an intermediate level blog series that is helpful to WordPress users.

We cover topics such as:

  • Guest-blogging
  • Adding users to your blog
  • Where to get free photos
  • Responding to negative comments
  • And more!

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How do I increase the traffic to my blog? How do I get more readers?

These are some of the most common questions that I’ve gotten over the years. One answer to these questions are guest blogging.

shellyToday, I’m going to break down exactly what guest blogging is and  why it helps both the guest and the blog owner.

So, let’s say your name is…Shelly (don’t judge) and your blog is shelly.wordpress.com. You (Shelly) blog mostly about writing.

You stumble across Bill’s blog Bill.wordpress.com and he is an author whobill
writes about his personal struggles/writing journey/interesting finds.

You like Bill’s work and would like to write a piece for his blog so you contact him with a message like this:

Hi! My name is Shelly from shelly.wordpress.com. I love your random work so let me write a post for you!

Bill says yes, you type and send your post in, and he publishes it.

Congratulations, you have participated in guest blogging.

In all seriousness, it really is this simple.

My personal definition of Guest blogging is:

Guest Blogging is when you write (and publish) at least one article for a blog other than your own.


shellyWhat Does Guest Blogging Do For You:

  • Potential Increase in Readers:  Most likely, most of Bill’s audience have no idea you exist so, if done correctly, guest blogging offers a possibility of getting more readers to your blog simply because they know (and like) that you exist. In other words, if Bill trusts you, I am more likely to trust you, as well. This most effective IF your blog is included somewhere in or around the article so that others can find you.
  • You Have Enhanced Your Relationship With That Blogger (a.k.a Bill): You are no longer just another one of Bill’s subscribers. He knows your name and is exposed to your writing. More than likely, you have exchanged emails and that possesses great potential of having yet another flourishing blog relationship.

What Does Guest Blogging Do for the Blog Owner (Bill):


  • Potential Increase in Readers: Here’s the thing, a lot of bloggers who become guest bloggers will tell their audience about the article that they wrote for you. In doing this, they have handed you more traffic because most of Shelly’s audience probably did not billhave a clue that you exist, either, so now that they know (and like) that you exist, you have an increased likelihood of having more readers!
  • Diversified Content: One of the ways that I figured out what my readers like to read is by bringing on different types of writers and seeing which topics and styles they responded best to. Guest Blogging is a fairly simple way to see where your audience is and what they want to read.
  • You Get a Break: Great news! You don’t have to worry about writing so many articles so quickly.
  • You Have Enhanced Your Relationship With That Blogger (aka Shelly): You are no longer just another one of Shelly’s subscribers or readers that don’t interact. She knows your name and is not only exposed to your writing but likes it and your blog. More than likely, you have exchanged emails and that possesses great potential of having yet another flourishing relationship.

Sound simple? It is. Go ahead, contact a blogger and ask to write an article for them!

If you’re still a little hesitant, here are some things to check off your list first:questions

  1. Will the desired blogger recognize you (i.e. Have you interacted on their blog or social media?)
  2. Do you bring a valuable or entertaining message to their audience?
  3. Do you have an idea of what you want to write about?
  4. Have you read that bloggers policy on guest writers?


No matter if you are Shelly or Bill, guest blogging is a great tool for increasing blog traffic or for interacting and meeting other bloggers!

Do you have a question for me? Whether sad, silly, or serious leave your questions here.

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