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How to Remove Administrators From WordPress Blogs #AskFairen

Happy Friday!

Today, I’m excited to be starting a series called “Ask Fairen.” In it, you ask me questions (here)and I answer them here on the blog!

Doesn’t matter if it’s silly, sad, or serious. 🙂

However, please note, that I can choose to answer or not answer the questions and comments presented upon discretion.



Today, we begin with Anonymous who recently asked:

Hi Fairen,

How do you remove an administrator?


First of all thank you for your participation on the blog!

Removing an Administrator to your WordPress blog or website is the same procedure you would use to remove any other user. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Go to your dashboard (

1. Scroll down until you see “Users” on the left hand side and click it.

Find "Users" on the left side2. Select the Administrator that you’d like to remove.

removeadmin33. Then, go to the dropdown box near the top of the page that says “bulk actions” and select “remove”

4. Select”Remove” then press”Apply.”

removeadmin45. On the new page, press “Confirm Removal”

remove users from site- confirm removal6. And you’re done! When that person comes back to do an “adminstrative task” on your site, they will be shown this screen.



Or (New instructions start on #3)

        1. Go to your dashboard (
        2. Scroll down unto you see “Users” on the left hand side and click it.
        3. Hover over the Administrator that you’d like to remove.
        4. Right under their name you will see “Remove” pop up. Click it.removeadmin3
        5. On the new page, press “Confirm Removal”
        6. And you’re done!

So, do you have a question for me? Whether sad, silly, or serious leave your questions here.

Questions? Ask Fairen


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Dear America

Dear America,

With so many voices speaking loud and clear, I don’t know if you’ll hear me but I must try.

I want you to know that I don’t hate you. However, I am tired of your lack of understanding or maybe its lack of care?

Just because you speak the loudest doesn’t mean that you are correct. And yes, some do have privileges that others do not. Though this is not your fault, it cannot be ignored.

America, it is hard to be in love with you. For so many years, my ancestors have been treated as less and the treatment still persists. Yet, with all of this going on you want me to defend you? You want love from me? You want loyalty? You desire the understanding that you refuse to give me?

America, your benefits can be great but the already high cost for them is even higher for a lot of minorities.

America, all I ask for you is to just listen. Don’t say how there is no racism. Don’t get defensive. Don’t ignore the problem hoping it will go away because how many of your problems have gone away doing this? Simply listen for understanding because we do not blame you.

America, I do not hate you but it is hard to fall madly in love with someone who has decided to hate you from the beginning.


A Fed Up Black Woman