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One of the things I see fairly often is people who want to change or accomplish something but won’t because of their own self doubt. Yet, they look at others who they view successful as humans who are made of some supernatural “stuff” when that’s just not the case.

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Are you Negative? 5 Ways to Improve Your Attitude and Become a More Positive and Confident Person

Usually I don’t re-post my guest post but I wrote this post awhile ago for A Reflective Student and in reading some of your posts I have noticed something.

I have noticed that a lot of people are struggling with their negative attitudes which also seems to affect their self-esteem.

When I was younger, I had the worst self-esteem ever (I know, I know, a politically incorrect statement but it was pretty bad) and I’m not even talking about my teenage years!

Being black had been one of my biggest insecurities because I was only one of a few where I lived and no one told me that my differences were beautiful. Along with that, I have a history of friends leaving me for no obviously good reason; in fact, I even had some leave because I changed my hair style!

Although there are several other insecurities, I say these in particular…

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How To Increase Your Blog Readers In 5 Steps

crumpled paper“Last time I was here, I spoke about three mistakes that bloggers make and offered some solutions to them. This week, I will tackle the age old question, “how do I get more readers to my blog?” After all, blog readers are significant for any blog.

Well, the first thing I am going to tell you is that if you want more readers to your blog, I will show you but you have to be willing to do the work. In other words, how to gain traffic to your blog is simple; however, it’s not easy; it takes patience and persistence.

Secondly, you need to know what I mean by site or blog readers not followers!

Blog readers: The people that interact, provide activity, read your articles, and support or disapprove of what you are trying (or are actually) doing of whom can also be your blog / site followers.

Followers: The people that simply “click” “Follow” or otherwise subscribe to be alerted in some way of new posts or activity on your blog while potentially doing little else on your blog or website.”

3 Most Common Mistakes By Bloggers

pen paper computer tea-coffee“I have been blogging for almost three years and, let me tell you, I have made many mistakes as well as consistently encounter bloggers who have also made similar mistakes.
So, today, I’m going to save you some time by giving you three of the most common mistakes that I see bloggers make and how you can fix them.”


Guest Post: Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and Voice

Blogging can be hard. You know that by now. Here is what blogger Felicia of Thoughtful Minds United has learned over two years and seven (plus) blogs, including how she found her writing voice.

Source: Guest Post: Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and Voice

“It is nice to have Felicia of Thoughts Mind United over for a guest post today. She is a talented blogger and has crafted a wonderful post here about her blogging journey. I hope you enjoy the read!

Take it away, Felicia (curtain goes up on Parfait stage):

Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and A Voice

Blogging can be hard. You know that by now.

It can be a confusing, isolating, and embarrassing activity seeing as some people are quick to write you off when you tell them exactly what you do.

Two Years

I have had the opportunity to meet many different bloggers in over two years, and this place has taught me a lot about people. Likewise, I have been given the opportunity to explore someone else’s head and feelings and what I find amazes me.

It is amazing how much people will post to total strangers worldwide but will not tell one single person face to face.

It amazes me how some will show more support in the blog world than “in real life” but what also amazes me is the lack of support within this very realm.

Let me explain.

Guest Post by Felicia of TMU

Please explain! Blogging tips with Felicia of Thoughtful Minds Unlimited. Photo via Poetic Parfait.

I have seen some pretty awesome bloggers with almost no views; I mean people who have been doing it for years. Yet, they have not been founded.

I have seen people cry out for help with a return of none. And while I believe that part of the blame is on the blogger for not reaching out to others so that we know that they exist, I think the other half is that there is something in us that does not want to make the extra effort.

Most of us blog with WordPress, which makes our experience unique. You see, WordPress has a built-in community and all we have to do is run with it. So why have very few of us rallied together to support the next blogger?

Why is it that we are so insistent upon just posting our own problems but not figuring how our experience and our trials can help the next person who can barely function because they are so broken?

It’s not that I am any better, it took almost two years for me to figure this out.

Seven Blogs

I would create blog after blog only to get a handful of likes and maybe a few comments. I left WordPress for Blogger and Weebly but found that road harder so I came back to WordPress. I had Writer’s World, Spotlight, Food Made Simply, Connect and Post, and several other blogs. Even Thoughtful Minds United was another unfocused and self-serving blog for me.

Yet, it was revealed to me try and form a community out of everyday people; a community where some are experts and others are not. A community with a purpose and a mission.

Blogger Felicia on finding your writing voice

Felicia offers blogging tips on finding your voice. Photo by Jem Yoshioka (CC-BY-SA 2.0) via Flickr.

A Voice

No, I am not trying to be overly humble but am simply trying to say, take time out of your day to show the amount of support that you want shown to yourself. Share your experience, not just on your blog but in someone else’s comment section because it will often come back to you.

No, you may not become a blogging millionaire but you will uncover some great friendships, great conversations, and the awesome feeling of getting to help someone else.

So, if you are unsure on just how to do this, here are some ways to meet other bloggers:

  • You can go to (and make sure you are logged in) and begin looking up posts by tag (on the left side).
  • You can go on your favorite blogger’s blog and view their most recent commenter’s blog.
  • You can make a “promote yourself” blog post or mingle within someone else’s

If you want to find ways to support other bloggers, here is a start:

  • Answer a question that’s asked on another person’s blog post
  • Find a way to acknowledge a blogger- by re-blog, linking them in a post, etc…
  • Offer to review a book of theirs
  • Comment on their post

There are many more ways to show support to our fellow bloggers, but these are just a few. How are you going to start showing support to your fellow blogger? Use your experience, your blog, and your voice.


My name is Felicia and I am the founder and current administrator  Thoughtful Minds United. I have been blogging for over two  years using platforms such as Weebly, Dreamweaver, WordPress, and beyond. With that  being said, I have made countless mistakes but have also learned many lessons along the  way that I will share with you in order to make your success journey a little bit easier. You can find us on Twitter, as well!


I hope you learned valuable blogging tips from Felicia here in this guest post! Enjoy your day, my friends ♥”

Guest Post: How to Get Your Blogging Spark Back and Inspire Community

Hi everyone! Today I have blogger Felicia of Thoughtful Minds United over for a visit. Please help me welcome her! I hope you enjoy her advice for how to get your blogging spark back. Her words are…

Source: Guest Post: How to Get Your Blogging Spark Back and Inspire Community

Hi everyone! Today I have blogger Felicia of Thoughtful Minds United over for a visit. Please help me welcome her! I hope you enjoy her advice for how to get your blogging spark back. Her words are inspirational and ones you can start to apply today in your own writing, if you feel it needs a bit of a boost. Let’s get to it!:) Here’s Felicia:

Since you are most likely a writer, author, or both, by now, you may have heard this spiel- “Tell your story, your voice is important!”


Actually, this may be one of the reasons why you blog here on WordPress. But sometimes, even on this platform, it can be hard to remember that, right?

The longer we blog, the harder it can be to remember why you started doing it in the first place. It can be hard to remember that you aren’t doing it for the likes or comments but because you like connecting and having your voice heard. Maybe exposure for your projects came second for you.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Around 2014, I began Thoughtful Minds United (TMU) which became a community for writers.

However, as time progressed and my blog began to grow, I forgot the romance and became incredibly selfish.

I became more concerned with the amount of views or writers we had on board than with voices being heard and the quality of work we produced. All I knew was that we had to push content and get writers now.growth 3 plants

Gone was the excitement of getting a new writer. Gone was the excitement of a simple comment. I even lost the concern to inspire others in my space which is what I set out to do in the first place.

All I cared about was how many viewers we had and how can we repeat that. Slowly, but surely, I lost the passion that I had for TMU and began taking more time off from blogging and working on the site.

Eventually, I decided to shut the site down. We had a following of a little over 800 people following and approximately 13 monthly writers. But I lost the drive to run it.

While I do believe that leaving was the right thing to do, had I kept my motives in the right place, I might not have shut it down. TMU would probably be much larger now as I begin the process of re-opening it.

So, who cares? Why does this even matter?

As I have recently returned to the blogging scene, I’ve noticed that more bloggers have left and for good reason, I’mconnect the country sure.

But if we leave, we can miss a huge opportunity that is unique to us on this platform.

Do you remember why you started your blog? Did it have something to do with using your voice, sharing your opinions, or even sharing your life with others? Maybe it included promoting your newest creations and receiving the support of others.

The things is, a lot of new (and older) bloggers have started their blogs for the same reasons! This means that our opportunity to positively impact them as well as each other is limitless!

It doesn’t always take money or a bunch of time. Sometimes the options are simple!

Check out this small list of ways you can inspire and help someone in the blogging space:


  • Writing honest posts about your life and what you learned (fiction or nonfiction): These posts that outline the journey of your life, can allow others to insert themselves and see where the path they are taking leads. Or your perspective can prompt others to seek to understand the lives of others. This leads to less fear or maybe even hostility because people begin to understand the “human-ness” of those they once did not understand.
  • Giving others a shout out or a place to speak in your space(examples: thoughtful re-blogs and shares, awards, guest blogging, permanent writing space on your blog): By giving them a piece of your place, even for a moment, you can lift up their spirits and encourage someone to keep at their craft and at their dream.

clasped-hands-541849__180When I have had the privilege of hearing back from these people, it has been one of the most amazing (and tear jerking) moments that I have had.

  • Go to them directly and be involved or leave comments: Although I have talked about this issue last time I was here, I will continue to share on this issue.

Maybe you’ve noticed someone’s touching story or awesome writing that has no recognition. And although we don’t write for the recognition, wouldn’t it brighten you day to have at least one person recognize your hard work and passion?

*steps off of soapbox*

Now, I’m not trying to guilt you into doing anything. What I’m simply encouraging is community.

I mean, building communities is what I do! I know that we do an excellent job of supporting some bloggers but what I would love to see is a more cohesive support and gathering place for all bloggers.

That’s exactly what we are trying to do at TMU. I know that sometimes, this platform is the only outlet people have because that that’s the way it was for me.

We want to build, connect, and inspire the blogging community because we all have stories and ways in which we can help one another.

It doesn’t always take money, education or a ton of time just the lessons of your life.

So what is the agenda?

transparent small logoWell, as I said before, building communities is what I do and at TMU, we want to provide a place where people are built up, inspired, and connected to a community.

Where do I come in?

We would love to have you share a little bit of yourself with us via story (fiction or non-fiction). We simply want you to share a piece of your life story or experience with us.

This includes:

  • What happened?
  • How did it affect you?
  • What did you learn from it?

Or you can get creative with it! What matters is that we come together, encourage, and help one another to grow.

Please click here if you are interested!

Want to support without sharing your personal story?:

What do you think? What do you say are some ways that we can impact the community, positively?”