About Me

Hi, there!

13226642_1722167191399246_9129451545839071740_nMy name is Fairen. I always struggle a bit with writing my own “bio” so here it goes.

I am currently the creator and administrator of Thoughtful Minds United where we aim to build, connect, and inspire our community through word and action. You should check it out; we are always having guests and love to hear from you!

I have been blogging for about three years under Felicia Fielder but have since began to utilize my real name, Fairen. I have begun around ten blogs throughout this time and have learned much from this experience.

This website is going to include snippets of life. Since life is random, so will this blog be. With this said, I do aim to bring value to you, dear reader.

I also love to read your thoughts and thoroughly enjoy talking to you so drop a line!

I hope you find this journey of life useful and entertaining!