WordPress 102: Where to Get Awesome Photos for Your Blog FREE

Welcome to “WordPress 102.” This is an intermediate level blog series that is helpful to WordPress users.

We cover topics such as:

  • Guest-blogging
  • Adding users to your blog
  • Where to get free photos
  • Responding to negative comments
  • And more!

Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below (or more privately here). I look forward to talking with you!


Hi, Friends! I’m re-sharing this older post that I wrote in May in hopes that it helps other bloggers. Enjoy!

Today’s post will be simple, short, and sweet. Today, I will be sharing some websites with quality pictures that you can use for free. All of these resources allow you to use the pictures for free and attribution is not required.

: This is my favorite so far! Pixabay has a vast amount of pictures for you to search and use. The quality is great on these pictures- check some of them out below!

humandramatic flowercity river





New Old Stock: These photos are free of known copyrights and are to be used for personal use as well as non-commercially. This site is known to recapture history. Read the rights and usage, here. Check out the photos, below!

UnsplashUnsplash provides free photos for you to do whatever you want with them! The pictures are often quite large so you may have to edit/shrink/re-size them. Here are a few samples:

Go Here for More!: Where to Get Awesome Free Photos to Use for Your Blog!


Do you have a question for me? Whether sad, silly, or serious leave your questions here.

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