Dear America

Dear America,

With so many voices speaking loud and clear, I don’t know if you’ll hear me but I must try.

I want you to know that I don’t hate you. However, I am tired of your lack of understanding or maybe its lack of care?

Just because you speak the loudest doesn’t mean that you are correct. And yes, some do have privileges that others do not. Though this is not your fault, it cannot be ignored.

America, it is hard to be in love with you. For so many years, my ancestors have been treated as less and the treatment still persists. Yet, with all of this going on you want me to defend you? You want love from me? You want loyalty? You desire the understanding that you refuse to give me?

America, your benefits can be great but the already high cost for them is even higher for a lot of minorities.

America, all I ask for you is to just listen. Don’t say how there is no racism. Don’t get defensive. Don’t ignore the problem hoping it will go away because how many of your problems have gone away doing this? Simply listen for understanding because we do not blame you.

America, I do not hate you but it is hard to fall madly in love with someone who has decided to hate you from the beginning.


A Fed Up Black Woman


11 thoughts on “Dear America

  1. Hi Fairen – While I applaud you openness with a sensitive topic, you are sadly making the same huge mistake that many Americans make. You are taking an issue and generalizing it which is unfair and counter-productive. In a country of over 300 million people, there are literally many millions who are receptive to pro immigration policies, and who happily live in multi-cultural areas. Sadly they are not worthy of media coverage… but that does not mean that they are not there! To address “America” with the shortcomings that you (and I) see, is no different from an American making a generalized comment about your culture. We need to encourage the more open-minded, caring and compassionate Americans, and not “paint them” with the same color as the more self focused ones. Just thinking!

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    1. Colin, so awesome to see your thoughts! ☺. My method of assisting change is by using my voice. That said, I do recognize that there are awesome people behind the movements and who are a part of the much needed change; this partially explains the timing of the this letter. For the first time in my life, people are opening up and encouraging these conversations. What I am doing is bringing my experience to the world that I see on social media and in my real life. In my reality, more people need this because they lack understanding. That is my goal, today- to bring understanding

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      1. Unfortunately, a lot of what you hear on the news is incorrect and misleading, not to mention complete lies and hidden truths. Police are being murdered because of this “racism” problem, and the problem is flipped. See my comment below.


  2. I have to say something… I’ve been biting my tongue, not wanting to stomp on any friendly toes, but I can’t sit back and let things like this go ignored. Not for long, at least.

    The majority of black America has greatly disappointed me, and it’s for the same reason you’re disappointed in America, only opposite. You see, my people had far worse treatment than them, yet we’ve rose above such petty thoughts. My people were slaves for over 2,000 years, executed for simply the way we looked, nearly wiped off the map completely, and then given the slums to make our homes. The correct phrasing was “ghetto”; my people WERE the real ghetto of America.

    You see, my people are Jewish. We were treated far worse than the black Americans, and for much longer. Yet, you don’t see us screaming about injustice and foul treatment. You don’t see us throwing riots in the street as a means of protesting. You don’t even see us demanding free stuff from the government in an attempt to placate us (though for some demented reason, my people are almost all still Democratic despite being businessmen in this century). And a good majority of my people still speak their native tongues, whether fluently or otherwise. I speak a lick of Yiddish, but my mother speaks full Yiddish, English, and Hebrew. My people may not have been to Jerusalem in their lifetimes, but the phrase “Jewish” applies to their religion (and in my opinion, a culture). Our nationality, however, is pure American. My husband, who is Scottish Irish and German, is pure American.

    You see, black Americans are just that, Black Americans. They are not African American whatsoever. Out of all the people claiming to be African American, how many of them have ever actually BEEN to Africa? Maybe a whopping 1%, perhaps at a stretch 2%. They were born here in America, raised here with our civil rights (whether correct or whatever else you believe), and unless through the military they have never been outside of this country. In fact, I have white South African friends who are more African American than the blacks screaming racism as we speak! They sound it, they speak it, but because they’re white they’re overlooked.

    Now you tell me, is that fair to them? No, it’s not.

    I had a Jamaican friend who took insult to being called “African American”. I knew of a Costal Rican who took offense, as well. Now you tell me, how is the label “black” bad? Whites aren’t exactly white, though we don’t mind being labeled as such. We come from a wide variety, and we could demand to be labeled more specifically if we wanted, but we don’t. We know better. Our label is American, skin color not withstanding.

    I have a friend who’s an older black man, and he is severely disappointed in what black America has done to itself. America the nation hasn’t done anything other than cater to them, yet they are still not satisfied. My friend, you see, remembers being a part of the segregation. He remembers not being allowed to ride the buss because there weren’t enough seats in the back. He remembers not having all the equal treatments as whites. He was there for MLK’s speech. He was there throughout all of history. He lived in the thick of it all. And you know what? He’s not a Democrat OR a Republican. In his exact words, “I am a Christian. I am an American.” He thinks for himself. He is intelligent. He hates our political system, our dominating two-party system, and America’s weakness towards black America.

    The black American’s who’ve made a difference in this country never raised a flaming torch to their neighbor’s stores. They’ve never pointed fingers at a police officer because the media told them to. They’ve never been told by other people what to believe, because they had a mind for themselves to look at the facts before choosing.

    If you want to make a difference, don’t stand on the American flag; dust it off. Don’t burn the American flag; rescue it. Damaging our flag spits on all the blood our founding fathers shed for this nation. It doesn’t make a statement of your disappointment. All it does is insult the military because they fight every day for your ability to maintain that Freedom of Speech.

    And to be honest, our Freedom of Speech doesn’t protect rioters. It’ll protect peaceful protests, but it stops there. If you block traffic of a major roadway, that’s a violation of laws and an abuse of the First Amendment. In fact, you’re not only risking imprisonment, you’re risking your life. People like me won’t stop if I see protesters on the freeway. Why risk my and my son’s safety just because black America wants to be heard? Our skin tones are pale white; black America doesn’t see humans when they’re screaming their ignorance. They simply see “white folk”. I don’t need to risk my 2 year old son’s life, or terrorize him, if protesters block my way.

    You see, racism works both ways. While black America is screaming “white folk” are racism, they themselves are doing the same. Whatever black America claims whites do, they ought to change the word “white” to “black” and decide if that’s still racism or not. Make sense? The only reason black’s apparently can’t be racist these days is because the past 8 years has supposedly been on their side. Yet in actuality, the past 8 years did more to hurt black American than help it.

    Look at how crazy America has become!

    You see, all these protesters screaming racism over police brutality aren’t actually intelligent people. More like ignorant, uneducated ones. I don’t like using the N word, but in some cases it’s the only way to properly define the two types of black America. While decent blacks have ethics, morals, intelligence, decency, and values, the other side, the one I don’t like to say, has none of that. THAT is the problem with America today. There aren’t enough decent blacks to make the rest of their race behave.

    And don’t worry, whites have the same problem. Considering “white” is as misleading as “blacks”, we do suffer with idiotic trash of all types.

    So I have to tell you, I’ve done well biting my tongue against posts like this, but I can no longer just sit back and let people sprout off their disappointment without first shining a new light on their thoughts. I’m not trying to make enemies, but when I see facts being ignored, I have to step in. I’m angry at black America for degrading what was once a great nation, but don’t worry, I’m angry at America for allowing it. We’ve lost our values because we’ve lost God. I don’t care what religion you practice, but America was founded by Quakers, and they were Godly people. Our ethics were formed by Godly people. But those ethics have been perverted by recent screams from people without ethics.

    And another reason the aggression of black America has upset me is because of their treatment against law enforcement. There isn’t a day that I don’t live in fear that my husband may not come home. There isn’t a day that I don’t fear my 2 year old son won’t get to see Daddy anymore. I drink to ease the fear, but my son needs me.

    GoForth’s son needs him, and black America killed him a few blocks down from my childhood home.

    So you tell me, how is it America’s fault?


      1. Kitty, please take my response as nothing but friendly and respectful.:)

        1. Did I ever say that no other race was oppressed? Did I ever condone riots instead of peaceful protesting? Did I ever say that my people don’t play a negative part in the whole thing? I will start by saying that rioting is not okay, murder of anyone (police, another race, what have you) is not okay either.

        2. However, you did make a lot of good points.Black people/African Americans are not the only oppressed people. This post is a personal note (as I am clearly black) from me to my surroundings (white, racists, and ignorant/lack of understanding). Perhaps one day I will do a post about another group of people. So this post isn’t “senseless” or ignorant- it is niched, shall we say. In fact, I had another round of letters and some go out to the black community.

        3. Jewish people are a group that I study and continue to fascinate me. You are correct. It seems that Jews have been persecuted forever (not literally). But silence was not what brought them out of persecution. I agree that senseless violence wasn’t either (see point 1).

        But their persecution (in regards to the Holocaust)had to be brought to light so that everyone can see and hopefully learn a lesson or two from it from all points of view.

        4. I agree that violence against police officers is a concern. However, people in my environment fail to see how officers treat us as a whole. They fail to see the blatant racism against our people in the justice system and in the jail system just for starters. There is a documentary on this I believe it is called “13.” Yes police lives matter but so do ours. When there is actual proof of the injustice, none of my so called friends and Christians speak up that is who this letter is for.

        So, yes, I do agree with you but this particular letter was for the white America that surrounds me. I have yet to finish the others. But I must say that I am no thug or thief, I am no prostitute, nor am I stupid or uneducated. Yet, this is how the America I know looks at me before knowing me. I have years of personal racism towards me to prove it and no I do not pull the black card for what benefit does that truly have? While America is good, I want to showcase how the underline of this country was and still is built on keeping those who don’t look like a classic Caucasian down. I am tired of being expected to be quiet and just take it. I refuse to do it any longer to make my white counterparts comfortable. But I will do it in love and try to do it in fairness of others.


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