Guest Post: Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and Voice

Blogging can be hard. You know that by now. Here is what blogger Felicia of Thoughtful Minds United has learned over two years and seven (plus) blogs, including how she found her writing voice.

Source: Guest Post: Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and Voice

“It is nice to have Felicia of Thoughts Mind United over for a guest post today. She is a talented blogger and has crafted a wonderful post here about her blogging journey. I hope you enjoy the read!

Take it away, Felicia (curtain goes up on Parfait stage):

Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and A Voice

Blogging can be hard. You know that by now.

It can be a confusing, isolating, and embarrassing activity seeing as some people are quick to write you off when you tell them exactly what you do.

Two Years

I have had the opportunity to meet many different bloggers in over two years, and this place has taught me a lot about people. Likewise, I have been given the opportunity to explore someone else’s head and feelings and what I find amazes me.

It is amazing how much people will post to total strangers worldwide but will not tell one single person face to face.

It amazes me how some will show more support in the blog world than “in real life” but what also amazes me is the lack of support within this very realm.

Let me explain.

Guest Post by Felicia of TMU

Please explain! Blogging tips with Felicia of Thoughtful Minds Unlimited. Photo via Poetic Parfait.

I have seen some pretty awesome bloggers with almost no views; I mean people who have been doing it for years. Yet, they have not been founded.

I have seen people cry out for help with a return of none. And while I believe that part of the blame is on the blogger for not reaching out to others so that we know that they exist, I think the other half is that there is something in us that does not want to make the extra effort.

Most of us blog with WordPress, which makes our experience unique. You see, WordPress has a built-in community and all we have to do is run with it. So why have very few of us rallied together to support the next blogger?

Why is it that we are so insistent upon just posting our own problems but not figuring how our experience and our trials can help the next person who can barely function because they are so broken?

It’s not that I am any better, it took almost two years for me to figure this out.

Seven Blogs

I would create blog after blog only to get a handful of likes and maybe a few comments. I left WordPress for Blogger and Weebly but found that road harder so I came back to WordPress. I had Writer’s World, Spotlight, Food Made Simply, Connect and Post, and several other blogs. Even Thoughtful Minds United was another unfocused and self-serving blog for me.

Yet, it was revealed to me try and form a community out of everyday people; a community where some are experts and others are not. A community with a purpose and a mission.

Blogger Felicia on finding your writing voice

Felicia offers blogging tips on finding your voice. Photo by Jem Yoshioka (CC-BY-SA 2.0) via Flickr.

A Voice

No, I am not trying to be overly humble but am simply trying to say, take time out of your day to show the amount of support that you want shown to yourself. Share your experience, not just on your blog but in someone else’s comment section because it will often come back to you.

No, you may not become a blogging millionaire but you will uncover some great friendships, great conversations, and the awesome feeling of getting to help someone else.

So, if you are unsure on just how to do this, here are some ways to meet other bloggers:

  • You can go to (and make sure you are logged in) and begin looking up posts by tag (on the left side).
  • You can go on your favorite blogger’s blog and view their most recent commenter’s blog.
  • You can make a “promote yourself” blog post or mingle within someone else’s

If you want to find ways to support other bloggers, here is a start:

  • Answer a question that’s asked on another person’s blog post
  • Find a way to acknowledge a blogger- by re-blog, linking them in a post, etc…
  • Offer to review a book of theirs
  • Comment on their post

There are many more ways to show support to our fellow bloggers, but these are just a few. How are you going to start showing support to your fellow blogger? Use your experience, your blog, and your voice.


My name is Felicia and I am the founder and current administrator  Thoughtful Minds United. I have been blogging for over two  years using platforms such as Weebly, Dreamweaver, WordPress, and beyond. With that  being said, I have made countless mistakes but have also learned many lessons along the  way that I will share with you in order to make your success journey a little bit easier. You can find us on Twitter, as well!


I hope you learned valuable blogging tips from Felicia here in this guest post! Enjoy your day, my friends ♥”


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